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Cyneatha on Ending Gun Violence

[...] It is not permissible that those of us who accept the teachings of Jesus Christ should be as selfish as others in the world. We must offer our voices for Jesus’ way of nonviolence. Christians make up roughly 63% of the population in the U.S. We need to join forces and tackle gun violence, for it has a devastating impact on us all — no matter where we live. It takes away our loved ones, brings lasting trauma and causes premature death.

Gun violence is a product of hate in all its forms, and its effects are irrevocable. Guns are too accessible, and this allows people to act on their hatred for people of diverse backgrounds, of varying wealth, and even themselves. This violence, more than anything, expresses resentment for our Creator[...]

If the church is love, then we must do what God has commanded us to do and disarm hate from our midst.

Read the full post calling for a coalition of Christians to pressure for safer gun policies on MC USA's website:

Rev. Cyneatha Millsaps

Mennonite Women USA Executive Director

Goshen College Center for Community Engagement Executive Director

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