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IWF Guidelines

Mennonite Women USA created the International Women’s Fund

to support women around the globe in church leadership training.


Training may be at a lay leader’s level or at the seminary level and can include training opportunities in North America or in a country near the recipient. Length of study may vary from several days to a year or more.

A total of approximately $10,000 is awarded per year with grants usually ranging from $400-$800 at any given time. Grants are renewable and must be applied for on an annual basis.

Applications are due by September 15. Recipients are selected each year at the November meeting of the Board of Directors. Funds are available December 1 to June 1. Mennonite Women USA anticipates a relationship with the recipient and the sponsoring body and hopes to stay informed concerning the recipient’s study experience. Mennonite Women USA will have interest in sharing the recipient’s study experience in MW USA communication pieces.

Criteria for choosing recipients:

  1. Applicants are referred from a predetermined list of Mennonite Church USA endorsing agencies, not from the applicant.  A recommendation from a person representing one of these endorsing agencies is required to initiate the application process.

  2. The international applicant is active in a Mennonite Church in her geographic area.

  3. The international applicant has goals for service in the Mennonite Church.

  4. The international applicant has financial need. Due to a higher standard of living in North America and greater availability of resources, women studying in North America may receive greater funding.

  5. A photograph of the applicant will be included with the application.

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