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Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month

An outline of Joanne Gallardo's article originally titled, "Five things Friday roundup: Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month" and posted at: . Click through for the full article.

1. Hispanic Heritage Month

Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month. From my experience, this is usually celebrated the entire month of September. Like other months given a racial or ethnic celebration label, corporations choose to capitalize on this...

2. Twice as Good

Twice as Good: Leadership and Power for Women of Color is a book by Mary Wardell, an African American leader and author...

3. Espiritu de Dios Llena Mi Vida

One of my favorite praise songs in Spanish is “Espiritu de Dios Llena Mi Vida.” This translates as “Spirit of God, Fill My life.”...

4. The Power of Latino Leadership

Dr. Juana Bordas is a Nicaraguan leader and author. In The Power of Latino Leadership, she outlines 10 principles of Latino leadership that can be applied to leaders of all backgrounds...

5. Pumpkin Spice Month

I cannot write this and not mention that Pumpkin Spice season is among us....

Click through here for the full article:

Joanne Gallardo

Conference Minister

Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference

Mennonite Church USA

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