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Climate Activism Advice from Woman Author, Minister, Chaplain + Mentor

Originally posted under the title, "Climate justice: What’s an introvert to do?" at:

Thank you, Mennonite Church USA, for the awesome Youth & Young Adult Climate Summit. I was so inspired by the panelists, the event itself, your heartfelt comments and your different perspectives. I was astounded at your spontaneous multi-part hymn singing. My heart remains full of gratitude. It was so cool to meet so many new people and get to know your passion and your commitment to creation care.

In a breakout session, one of you asked me a question that has stayed with me: “What’s an introvert to do? What do you do if you care passionately about the earth, but marches and megaphones drain a month’s worth of energy out of you in a few short minutes?” Some of you survived the climate summit only because you cared, not because the convention center atmosphere was giving you life.

What’s an introvert to do?

It’s a great question. God calls us all in different ways, and some of us are not called to take up the megaphone. I do not feel like I answered the question well in the moment — it surprised me to realize that I had not thought about it — but you started brainstorming with me at the end of the summit, and the brainstorm has continued. I want to offer a few reflections on quieter tasks, more suited for solo work, that are still urgently important...

Finish reading Pastor Talitha's advice for introverts working for climate justice by clicking through here:

Talitha Amadea Aho

Author of “In Deep Waters: Spiritual Care for Young People in a Climate Crisis”

Keynote Speaker for the Youth & Young Adult Climate Summit

Chaplain at a children’s hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area

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