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A Women Reflects on Seeing Anew

"A Fresh Vision: Saul's Conversion and Colourful Pants" is posted at:

One of my most memorable Sundays in Bogota was Colourful Pants Day. I had recently moved from the rural Caribbean coast to the bustling capital of eight million people, and I was finding the transition challenging. After the colour and energy of the coast, I found the capital to be dark, gloomy and overwhelming. Everyone seemed to be wearing black suits and be in a hurry. Instead of tropical sunshine, the mountainous city appeared rainy, cold, unfriendly and a bit scary.

I was, therefore, happy to join some young peacebuilders from the Montes de Maria region of Colombia, my former home, when they came to Bogota. The group was in the city to learn and share their own knowledge about peacebuilding with young people doing similar work in a very different urban context. Through their conversations and exchange, both groups expanded the way they saw the country and their work. While I wasn’t part of all the meetings, I got to join them in what we ended up calling Colourful Pants Day [...]

I think this may be true for all of us. We all see the world in a slightly different and unique way. I needed Colourful Pants Day to see my city differently. Saul needed Ananias to help transform his vision and lead him into his new faith [...]

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Anna Vogt

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